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Drift Cars are the ultimate in trackday cars, sliding round corners in rear wheel drive style. Welcome to Drift Car Auctions, the one and only place to find drift-cars for sale in the uk, an offshoot of
modified car auctions.

Nearly all rear wheel drive cars have been used to slide round a corner or two, drifting is not a new trend but its a popular one. Drift Car meets is a great place to learn.

Typically modified engines, custom suspension and decent breaks are all drift modifications, slick tyres can help slip faster. Buying an already modified drift car for sale in an auction can save you all the effort of building your own drift car but its got to be done carefully.

A driftcar is for life not just for christmas, or so they say. Its important if you do buy a used drift car, something you didnt build to get as much detail as possible out of the previous owner, how they did that, what they did to set up that.
Drift-Car = Fast Car.

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Track cars are not toys, rx7s and supra's are big engined cars, so as ever be prepared to put in the garage time, learn how they run, but when you do your trackday modified drift car will go more sideways than a crab, and the smile on your face will likely be bigger than anyone has ever seen it - driftcars are 100% fun.
Finding DriftCars
You should be able to find yourself a great starting driftcar or professional sideways modified car here, if you cant then there is usually specific cars available on forums of that specific car, e.g. nissan skyline, toyota supra or rx7 specific car forums.

The usual cars used for drifting are Mazda RX7's, Nissan Skylines, RX8's, GTRs and ofcourse your higher end cars like porsche GT's and aston martins do go sideways quite well. Modifications in drift cars is a big deal - know your cars!

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Drift Cars | Modified Cars For Sale
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